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Chris Tully

I am a seasoned professional with over 30 years in the telecom, power, and hydrogen fuel cell industries. During my career, I owned my own business and worked for a start-up, a multinational conglomerate, and a pioneer that built a market where one did not previously exist. My time with General Electric provided an invaluable experience to grow as a professional.  My foray into the hydrogen fuel cell industry was particularly exciting, as I enabled companies to change the way they operated while reducing costs, increasing productivity, and improving the environment. I spent nearly nine years with Plug Power as the VP of Sales.  During my tenure, I was involved with all aspects of the hydrogen ecosystem including fuel cells, service, infrastructure, and the hydrogen molecule, while impacting material handling, on-road mobility, stationary/back-up power, and onsite generation.  I worked directly with end users building business cases and ROI models, structuring financial transactions, facilitating construction and engineering, implementing maintenance agreements, and incorporating government incentives. I have developed a unique #ANDnotOR perspective on renewable energy that I am excited to share with others.  

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I am always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Join our members page and let's connect on LinkedIn. (Chris Tully, LinkedIn)

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