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Daimler's record-breaking run.

Updated: Feb 26

Daimler recently completed a record-breaking trial with a fully loaded semi. The truck drove 1047 kilometers (650 miles) from Woerth am Rhein, the home of Daimler’s truck manufacturing complex, to Berlin, on a single fill of liquid hydrogen. That’s 177 kilometers (110 miles) farther than Hyzon’s feat in Texas at the end of August.

Using liquid hydrogen may be the key to making hydrogen fuel cells a viable option for long haul trucking, and its use is gaining popularity as I discussed here. Why are hydrogen fuel cells the superior choice for high use trucks? Three simple reasons.

More cargo space: Hydrogen tanks take up less space than batteries, so there is more room for cargo. Carriers get paid to deliver freight, not to haul batteries.

Longer range: Hydrogen fuel cell trucks can drive longer distances than battery electric trucks.

Faster refueling time: Hydrogen tanks can be refilled in 15 minutes vs. 90 minutes to charge a battery electric truck.

The economics are hard to justify, and the infrastructure needed for refueling is not widespread…today. That will change over time. The cost and efficiency of hydrogen fuel cell trucks will improve, as will the business case and ROI.

Also, in the video, I mentioned getting the idea to record from a remote location from Peter Zeihan. He has some terrific content, and I recommend that you follow him.

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