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Senator Manchin knows hydrogen

Wow, Senator Manchin knows hydrogen!  During a Senate hearing on Geologic Hydrogen (white hydrogen) Manchin takes an opportunity to address the concerns over the V45 Production Tax Credit in the Inflation Reduction Act.  Fast forward to the 3:20 mark for his rebuke of Treasury’s proposed guidance on the V45.  To paraphrase, Treasury is not following the intent of the law.  They are overstepping their authority by imposing strict restrictions on the hydrogen industry.  

The support for more realistic regulations has wide support.  This is the first time in Sen. Manchin’s tenure in public service when he can remember when California agreed with Appalachia (West Virginia). Anyone with an understanding of the social and political landscape of the US knows that California and West Virginia don’t agree on anything.  To have everyone on the same page tells you how serious this issue it.

The Senator goes on to criticize the Administration for supporting EV, Solar, and Wind, but taking the most restrictive view possible when it comes to hydrogen and the mining of minerals needed for renewable energy.  It is not often that any politician will stand up to their party. His leadership will be missed when he leaves office after this term. 

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