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When will green hydrogen hit a tipping point?

I am frequently asked when green hydrogen will hit a tipping point. The inquiries are usually framed comparing it to blue hydrogen. The consensus is that blue hydrogen, made with carbon capture, will be the predominant process in the next five to seven years. In reality, gray hydrogen will remain the primary source in the near term. Unfortunately, it’s produced with fossil fuels and release CO2 in the process. Green hydrogen is understood to be the cleanest solution but the perception is that it is just not ready for mass production. Well, Plug just proved everyone wrong.

On August 23, Plug invited the world to see its new Peachtree green hydrogen plant in Woodbine, Georgia. It is the first green hydrogen plant in the US and puts all other hydrogen producers on notice that green hydrogen is a viable competitor to the blue and gray varieties. More importantly it proves to the world that green hydrogen is not a concept for 2030 deployment. It’s a source of clean power today.

The Peachtree plant can produce 15 TPD (tons per day) and construction was completed in record time. Plug has five other green hydrogen plants in process in the US and another five in Europe. They have plans to produce 500 TPD by 2025. For more insight check out Roberto Friedlander's post on LinkedIn.

Plug is not the only player making noise. In the United States there are multiple projects under construction and over 30 green hydrogen projects slated for the next 5 years with a total value of $14B. This doesn’t include additional opportunities that could develop with hydrogen hubs that will be awarded in September.

So when someone asks when green hydrogen will hit a tipping point, the answer may be sooner than you think. #ANDnotOR

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